What data do you store?

On our website, we use Google Analytics to help us improve our load performance and optimise content better. You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking in your browser with an extension if you prefer. That's about it - we don't track you personally or do much more than that.

Flume for Mac stores cookies from Instagram.com in Flume's preference file for each authorized account. These cookies are necessary for some functions of the application to function correctly. These cookies are encrypted locally and are specific to the Mac that Flume is installed. They cannot be exploited remotely. Logging out or deleting an account will remove these cookies from your system.

Flume New Tab stores your access token to the Instagram API, username, name, avatar in Safari and Chrome's local storage. For Chrome users, the extension does not sync this data with Google's servers. Safari stores this information securely, however Chrome does not have any ability to store extension data securely. If this is a concern to you, please do not install Flume New Tab for Chrome, and if possible, install Flume New Tab for Safari.

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